3 Tips to Expertly Manage Maternity Leave

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Every manager knows that moment – when a staff comes in and tells you she has “some news”. You brace yourself for the worst – is she leaving? Why? But then she wipes all that worst-case-scenario-thinking away with a gentle reassurance – no, she’s not leaving. She’s just pregnant and the baby is due in six months. Cue for delighted squeals and warm congratulations. Of course, you’re happy for your staff and understands how important this news is to her family. But just as you sink back to your chair, the question pops up again – who will take over your staff’s work when she’s on maternity leave for six months?

Regardless of the team size, when a member is away for a long time, others will start to feel the strain juggling their own tasks and covering for their absent colleague. On the other hand, not all things are rosy with the expectant mom either. On top of the emotional rollercoaster associated with pregnancy and childbirth, she also finds herself anxious about keeping up with the workload after returning from her maternity leave. At some point, your thoughts and your staff’s thoughts will meet at one point – how could something so sweet also be so challenging?

There’s got to be a way to make the whole transition and backup process seamless, right? The good news is, yes, of course. And here are some tried-and-true tips from experienced managers who manage the maternity leave in their team like a pro.

  1. Proper planning & clear communication

You know you’re in trouble when you’re at the baby shower and having no clear idea how your staff’s workload will be handled when she’s on maternity leave. As with any other business activities, failing to plan is planning to fail. As soon as you have “the news” from your staff, it’s time to start planning. Talk to her about initial plans for her start and return dates after the leave. Also, don’t forget to note down important details of her jobs for the handover. Keeping the line of communication clear also helps both you and your staff know where things stand and avoid any possible confusion or misunderstanding.

  1. Be flexible

Growing a tiny human being is not easy and in some cases, morning sickness is not limited to mornings only. Therefore, allow your employee some flexibility in her work. It’s the quality of the work that counts.

  1. Find a cover

The really good news is that even when you are short of staff internally, you can always find a temporary replacement with professional HR service providers like Adecco Vietnam. We cover a wide range of positions from Receptionist, Personal Assistant to HR/Admin functions across various industries. Share your requirements, and we won’t take leave (no pun intended) until we find you a qualified replacement. We will also take care of the planning so your staff and her replacement can have adequate time for a thorough handover before and after the maternity leave period, thus ensuring a smooth transition.

Just talk to our consultant below and let us help you take care of the rest.

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